Finnish Windfarms Projects

In cooperation with the Finnish windpower Association we maintain a database on Finnish windpower projects. The database contains all operational projecst and many of the projects in earlier phases. Early phase projects are included if the developer himself has informed about his project or if it has been clearly visible in the press.

Map of projects

From below link you can download a tab-separated text file. You can import it to excel and sort as you want.

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Summary of wind farm status

No of projectsTotal MWTurbinesOnshore / offshore
total39912625.04257399 / 0
on hold26977.025826 / 0
project proposed4107.0524 / 0
feasibility studied9449.01979 / 0
decision on applying EIA received17279.010817 / 0
EIA under process12504.015612 / 0
EIA approved151484.048015 / 0
Spatial planning under process662758.097366 / 0
applying for permits642829.092064 / 0
preparing for construction461290.043646 / 0
under construction17449.013217 / 0
in production1231499.0545123 / 0