Our team

Our team consist of senior consultants experienced in power plant and wind power development, electrical engineering and procurement and younger specialists in different fields of expertise within wind power development.

You reach us by email forename.surname (at) ethawind.com or by calling our direct numbers below.

Toni Lustila
Senior Consultant

Toni is responsible for services related to land use planning, environmental impact assessment and permitting support. ✆+358400257212

Staffan Asplund
MD/ Senior Advisor

Staffan is our managing director/leading consultant. He is driven by securing delivery of useful results, and not afraid of giving bad news if needed. ✆ +358 44 3809 237

Jukka Rönnlund

Jukka is a key account manager for our several long-term customers. He is also our GIS specialist. ✆ +358 40 5777 568

Stefan Ingman

Stefan is one of the forerunners in the Finnish wind industry. He has over 30 years experience of high voltage issues of wind turbines. ✆ +358 50 5226 303

Tore Björkman
External Advisor

Tore supports us and our customers with senior advisory tasks, mostly related to understanding utility customers needs. ✆ +358 400 581 191

Caroline Kullbäck
Consultant/M.Sc. Economics

Caroline has refined our financial model during last years, and coordinates inputs from other experts in our DD's. ✆ +358 50 4024 759

Christian Granlund
Consultant/M.Phil. Mathematics

Christian is our wind mathematician. He also trains the rest of the team not to overpromise — at least not without good reasons. ✆ +358 40 9649 038

Ingmar Sjöblad
Member of the Board

  Ingmar is a member of the Etha Wind board. His main activities are based on a long history within the traditional power sector on the international market. ✆ +358