From our offices in Vaasa and Helsinki/Espoo, we offer foot-on-the-ground services all over Finland. We perform our services according to our ISO9001:2015 Management System certified by DNV/GL. Our main competitive edge is the combination of in-depth wind business knowledge,  wind understanding and project management skills. As a project development consultant, our project service palette is broad and proven in implemented projects.

One area that we work intensively with is wind farm design and layout optimization. We conduct about 50 projects per year and have an extensive experience and know-how of how to optimize the project’s performance. When designing a wind farm the following factors need to be taken into consideration:

  • Preliminary wind resource assumptions
  • Noise considerations
    – ISO 9613-2
    – Receptor focused NORD2000 calculations
    – NORD2000 Noise maps
    – Low-frequency noise studies
  • Flickering impact
  • Visual impact
    – ZVI maps
    – Photomontages (onsite & remote)
  • Environmental restrictions

Our consultants are very experienced in environmental impact assessment (EIA), zoning and other permit acquisition work. Both for the wind power sector and the power sector. In Finland, we have years of experience in wind power permitting since 2003. Our personnel have also managed permitting discussions in international power projects since 1994. An important part of our permitting related services is negotiation and communication support.

Our growth in the wind sector started from procurement management. We have a considerable market share of implemented Finnish projects. We have negotiated with all major suppliers and negotiated contracts with Gamesa, Nordex, Vestas and Siemens up to “closing ready”.

Our consultants can list references of 13.200 MW of projects and a broad spectrum of owner’s engineer services. A significant part of these are in wind power (calculated in project MW). If calculated in implemented value most references are still in the traditional power sector (engine driven, hydro, coal, natural gas, biomass).

When conducting resource evaluations relevant and accurate data is the key. Estimates of existing wind resource must be available already from very early project phases up to financial closing and continuing through operation supervision.

We provide 4 levels of resource studies:

  • Screening studies for early project development decisions
  • Siting studies for permitting
  • Bankable studies for financial closing
  • Existing wind climate definition for plant supervision and follow-up

We utilize different types of wind flow models (WAsP linear, CFD, mass-consistent) depending on the area studied and/or the preferences of our clients.

To experienced customers with a need for own calculation capacity we can provide the world leading CFD tool for wind farm calculations. Windsim provides solutions to many of the challenges occurring in other programs in complex terrain. We of course also provide CFD calculations as a service.

A logical continuation to wind farm design and permitting support is transaction support. We have seen several wind farms succeeding (and failing) during the permitting process and we have hands-on experience from all steps in the permitting process. This is why we are the ideal partner for project evaluation support and due diligence evaluations.

We are always looking into the future and evaluating pros and cons of different scenarios. We look for the answers to our customers’ questions even before they have asked them. All this to ensure high-quality expertise in all relevant areas of wind farm development to ensure our customers’ make the best investments.

We do not only design and implement wind farms, we can also deliver operational supervision services using software from our partner BazeTechnology. This enables us to continue supporting our customers throughout the lifecycle of the project. We have experienced personnel that are more than glad to help you optimise your operational supervision. Both standard and tailor-made options are available. All up to the need of the customer and the layout of the wind farm.   Approximately 30% of the Finnish wind farms are already supervised by BazeTechnology tools or are in the process of implementing them.